Day 26 (!): Weekly quizzes and the power of Kahoot!

It’s been so long that I’m almost embarrassed to post again. Almost…

I’ve been doing weekly quizzes on Fridays with my AP and Pre-AP Physics classes. The reason is obvious, I think: it lets them and me keep track of what they have learned and what they need help on. Frank Noschese gave me the idea to assess previous concepts with current concepts, and I love that for the AP students because it gives them an opportunity to stay fresh on previous material. For example, last Friday’s quiz covered 1) velocity-vs-time graphs, 2) force diagrams, 3) and force vector components. For this week’s quiz, I’ll rotate one of the concepts out in favor of a concept from this week.

I can already tell you I won’t be rotating out velocity-vs-time graphs because the quiz revealed some glaring misconceptions that I thought we had corrected when going through our Constant Velocity Unit. In response, we played around with The Moving Man, and then we made a list of all the things we can solve for using motion graphs and how. I wanted to give them an opportunity to apply what we had just reviewed, so we played Kahoot! This thing is a student engagement monster. They love it. A couple of students said it really helped, but I don’t want to wait until Friday to find out, so I’ll probably give them a constant velocity Do Now tomorrow. I just thought of that, by the way, and that is why I should blog more. See you in two weeks probably!


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